Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sketched this after seeing that Mario short by the people who do family guy, then decided to paint it up in photoshop weeee. So I figure in the world of Mario, Mario himself is the scariest thing out there running around smashing everything destroying those bricks that I assume the turtle guys make or the little mushrooms, stealing the turtle guys shells and all thier gold coins. But in the end I guess it's thier own faults for being subjects of Bowser who loves to kidnapped princesess. As far as painting this goes I'm really into flat areas of color and trying to fade parts of characters into the background, I've been looking at a lot of Manet's paintings and going from there.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chad and Je Suis

Chad and Je Suis, is more of a studio inside joke than an anything else, but I believe it could be hilarious for anyone given some development. So Chad is just Chad from our studio with his punk rock nothing for nobody attitude and Je Suis is a Monkey friend, sidekick, pet kinda thing. The setting is a post apocalytic world like road warrior but with maybe more dangers than you thought imagineable. Now they stumble onto a terryfying electicfying journey where Chad learns that it just maybe might be worthwhile to do something for somebody.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Johnny's Dream

My second onesheet Johnny's Dream woooooo mysterious........ or not. Here's the Synopsis. Beatrice follows her brother into a dream world that allows you to forget who you are and begin anew. Beatrice being the smart girl that she is desperatly searches for her brother to convince him of the true reality before becoming lost in her own dreams. Obviously needs some work. So with all that in mind I composed the sheet to transition from the familiar to something else being ummm castle fantasy land I guess, oh well. On to something else.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Quest for Magic

I did up three onesheets which are from my understanding a quick pitch, try to catch the eye of someone who would be interested in developing the idea further or at least hear you pitch the idea with words from your mouth or in my case words from Colin Curwens mouth. Anyways the first sheet here is A Quest For Magic it would be an action adventure fantasy type thing focusing on the awesome abilities of the four main characters, which is why I composed the sheet with the portraits of them on the side, they are cliché characters but I wanted to play with that to get an some what over the top fantasy thing as humor. The synopsis so far is this. Magic has vanished, an Empire dependent upon it is thrown into panic and such. Those Noble enough Daring enough , to cross the OCEANS OF SALT, the SANDS OF HATE, the FOREST OF TERRIBLE DEPRESSION and beyond will undertake the A QUEST FOR MAGIC.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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