Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Landscape Study Process

OK, I took this Photo form Corbis, lot's of photos there, sorry but I didn't grab the Photographers name so thank you Photographer whoever you are. So I sketch the photo roughly into my sketch book then scan it to Photoshop, delete the white of the page and turn the line art into a multiply layer. Then with the Photo open as well, I draw a new line layer with a dark brown colour and I'm ready to paint.I blast in some paint under the line layer, I try not to colour select from the photo cause I want my eye to interpret but sometimes I do it anyways just to see what my eye decided and what is actual there. So my colour is down and I begin rendering on a new top layer, On this one I work from the middle tree to the background and then to the forground and then all over the place, referring to the photo as I like. I don't care if it's exact, I chose this Photo cause of the lighting, I want to bring lighting like this into my work sometimes, so better study it. My next post is going to take some of what I learned in my landscape studies and compose my own image with a character.


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