Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pencils page 25

Here's a little bit of my drawing process. This is page 25 for issue 2 or chapter 2 of my web comic Orange. It's the last page, my first splash page as well. I wanted to show the size of the pumpkin headed Harvest King and figured what better way than using a whole page. So here he is about to eat a little ghost character, I thumbnailed his pose in my sketch book real quick, then went straight to the board. I roughed it out with blue col erase pencil, I draw loose and messy just searching for my shapes and masses. Then with a black sort of wax pencil I define the drawing quickly. Now it's scanned, assembled in Photoshop and I clean it up on a separate layer with a brush. I will delete the original drawing and blast in my colour beneath the line work and then finish the whole thing on a top layer. I'll post the colour process next.


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